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    Concrete Speakers: Can Concrete Be Music To Our Ears?

    Concrete Speakers by Israeli designer Shmuel Linski

    Concrete Speakers by Israeli designer Shmuel Linski

    Israeli designer Shmuel Linski certainly thinks so – he has had a fascination with concrete ever since childhood, and this has carried into adulthood, and into his design career. He has a fixation with exposing the raw beauty of concrete in a diverse range of products, from a concrete canoe, a working espresso machine with a concrete body, and now, a pair of concrete stereo speakers weighing in at an incredible 123 pounds!

    The construction of these speakers is very simple, with a 38 inch pipe running from top to bottom connecting the two main components – a driver at the top, and a bass speaker at the bottom. The lead jacks are tucked away at the back, and the entire body is cast our of raw concrete, giving a delightful feeling of industrial desolation.

    Now, some of you may well be wondering if concrete is a poor choice for an item like a speaker? after all, concrete is a brittle material, which could result in sound distortion and flatness of reproduction. This is compensated for somewhat by the fact that the speakers are shaped like horns, providing a bit of a resonance chamber for the sound to come alive in. They still won’t be the best speakers you’ll ever hear, but they certainly look cool!

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