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    Glittery Gritz, for Concrete Glitz!

    We’ve covered a lot of different pattern imprinted concrete techniques on the CD Designs blog, from the conservative to the creative, and from the sublime to the ridiculous. But here we’ve got a unique and very special effect to share: glittery concrete! Maybe you are a fan of musicals or cabaret (are you Frank ‘n’ Furter?), or maybe you just love it loud (your decor, that is). Whatever the exact details, if this sounds anything like you then you’re gonna love this!

    Glittery Concrete Floor; We're Fans

    Glittery Concrete Floor; We're Fans

    To achieve such a result, it really doesn’t take that much effort beyond a normal concrete sealing treatment. Pop down to your local DIY store and get a regular floor coating kit. Everything you will do to apply it is completely standard, except that instead of adding a subtle treatment for decoration and texture (normally a few multicoloured flecks), you should mix in a good few bottles of glitter, the kind that you can buy in any kids’ craft shop.

    Apply the coating treatment, flatten it all out and get it all even, and then sweep off any excess. When the coating has set, you should just seal it all in with a standard clear sealant, and you’re done!

    Image via Diary of a Crafty Chica

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