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    How Do (or rather did) You Make the Most of Your Patio In Summer

    The great British summer. The phrase brings up heartwarming images of endless lazy days in sunny glades and picturesque parks or by riverbanks, sipping Pimms or Cider, eating Strawberries and Barbecued food and listening to the cricket on the radio. Or alternatively, sitting inside a grubby caravan, looking solemnly out the window and wishing it would stop raining.

    Stiff upper lip, old chap. Whatever your situation is, you’ll be sure to have a great summer, and regularly enjoy some quality time in the comfort of your own patio, especially if you take some of our advice on board!

    1. Whether your pattern imprinted concrete patio is a huge sprawling affair or fairly compact, you should choose furniture and other accessories to suit – make sure it doesn’t become too crowded. A little feng shui goes a long way, and you need space to breathe.
    2. Make your patio the ultimate place for relaxation – get yourself a comfy sun lounger to chill out and read or enjoy the sun. And a stylish wooden table and chairs set can bring the whole family together beautifully for a meal, a nice chat and a drink, or to play a game together.
    3. Al fresco dining is a lovely way to feed everyone – getting some fresh air really can add to the dining experience. Also, why not cook AND eat outside? Get yourself a mobile BBQ unit or even build a brick BBQ into your patio.
    4. Gardening is a great summer pass time – why not have create some beautiful flower beds around your patio, and spice it up with some hanging baskets, trestles or climbers?
    5. Water! On a hot summers day, get out the paddling pool, the hosepipe and the water pistols. This is one fight that won’t spoil your day!
    6. You should also consider shade carefully – both to get out of really hot sun, and to hold off the rain when the weather adopts a more typically British flavour. A nice big parasol will do the trick nicely, or perhaps a gazebo? A parasol can fit into the centre of many tables, and a gazebo could be put up when you fear the rain, and taken down again afterwards.

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