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    Making the Most of Your Pattern Imprinted Concrete Patio In Winter

    You might think of winter as a really hard time to get much enjoyment out of your pattern imprinted concrete patio. It is certainly a far cry from the sun loungers and BBQ’ed food of summer! But this needn’t be the case. You just need to do a bit of planning beforehand, and get some nice features in place that will shine through the winter.

    Your choice of surrounding winter plants is the most important. Winter flowering pansies are a great choice for your pots, as they will bloom with beautiful bright coloured spotty flowers from winter until early June. Other good choices for winter are winter flowering heather, Camellias, Snowdrops, Japanese pieris, Winterhazel and Wintersweet. You should try combining your pretty flowers with some greenery for added texture, such as ornamental cabbages and kale, or an evergreen such as winter box.

    We’d suggest that you get some nice big pots to put your winter displays in. Give them a base of pebbles or broken pottery to provide good drainage, and fill them up with fresh soil and a nice dose of fresh compost. Get everything planted in Autumn so that they are thriving by the time Jack Frost moves in.

    Lastly, how about planting a good choice of trees nearby, to mingle in nicely with the flowers and other winter plants? Prunus Serrula is a good choice, as it gives mahogany coloured bark and cherry blossom in the spring.

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