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    Patio accessories: Our Favourites

    You’ve got your pattern imprinted concrete driveway installed, and it looks great. Your garden now looks like a solid design that hangs together well. The next stage of course is to accessorise your patio, but what do you pick? To help you out, this article lists some of our favourite items.

    Some furniture is always a good idea, and there are many suitable options to choose from, whether you want to sit down for dinner, or lie down for sun. A smaller bistro set is a good idea if you want to sit round and eat but have limited space, or you can go for a larger dining table and chairs. If relaxation is the plan, then there are many fabulously comfortable sun loungers available! Go for an adjustable one with really comfy cushions, and for a real touch of bliss, you might also want to go for a large parasol for some shade, and a mounted ice bucket to keep your bubbly cool. In terms of materials, we’d advise against the old fashioned white plastic set – it may be cheap and hardy, but it sure looks tacky. How about a nice stained wood set, or metal, or a wicker/metal combination with a glass table top?

    If you have money to spend and want a really cool unique look, you should pass by the conventional stock, and go for something really cool, like this Cupid Patio Furniture.

    A BBQ is always a nice idea too, and rather than just having a cheap B & Q unit, why not go for building in a nice brick BBQ unit? Or you could go for a nice gas-powered unit to save on mess, John Lewis have a good example. The really extravagant among you could again step it up a level, and go for something like Alpina’s Mobile Beer Bar.

    Lighting is also a major consideration. Why not go for some cool solar lights, which power up during the day and then give a soothing glow at night? The Garden Lighting Shop has some great ideas.

    All the ideas so far are quite conventional, so as a last step, when you’ve got all the essentials down, why not finish off your patio with a more outlandish feature. A fountain perhaps, or a fire pit, or a Tiki hut? How about a giant ornate statue to give your patio that ancient Incan temple flourish?

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