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    Retaining Walls – Ideas for Yours

    Retaining walls are a necessity to some of us for keeping a garden’s flower beds and other features in place: especially if your garden is on a large slope. But the need for retaining walls is often a pain in terms of the overall design — they can often be ugly, and stick out like a sore thumb. This needn’t be the case however; here we will share with you some ideas for better looking retaining walls.

    For a start, you can turn to your old, trusted friend – pattern imprinted concrete. This is a great idea as it is cheap, durable, and you can get it coloured and patterned to give you pretty much any look you want for fitting into your overall design, whether that is modern stone slabs, rustic stone walls, or wooden planks!

    If you are looking for something a bit more authentic, you could consider real wood or stone. For smaller, lightweight jobs you should consider wooden panelling, and for heavy duty jobs, what about old fashioned floorboards, or even railway sleepers stacked on top of one another? Wood looks great, but requires more maintenance – it does need treating and retreating at regular intervals so that it will last.

    Stone is also worth considering, for a variety of looks – a fairly common option is piled up natural stone, held together with wire netting, for an industrial look. Or how about a dry stone wall? You can also achieve a nice look with stacked slate, or granite blocks.

    Lastly, you can even consider metal sheeting. Don’t worry about rust, as it can actually add to the look, which will change over time.

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