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    Can We Mention Snow Yet?

    Ok, ok, we probably need to apologise for this one immediately, before we go any further. You’ve just about got over the rainy summer (it was in the grim North, anyway). You are hoping for a windy but hopefully not too wet autumn. And then the folks over at CD Designs go and start banging on about winter weather already? Despicable, some might say.

    But hold on there — it is certainly not our intention to attempt to condemn you to an endless winter. We just wanted to share a few nuggets of advice to prepare you for the cold spell.

    For a start, make sure you get yourself a decent shovel: this has endless uses, from the obvious (shovel that snow), to the more inventive (shovels are also good makeshift toboggans, if you have a decent wide, flat one.)

    Next, you should think carefully about what you use for grip on your pattern imprinted concrete driveway. Using sand, or a sand a gravel mixture is ideal, as it provides grip when the snow falls, then you can simply wait till the snow has melted and shovel it up and re-bag it, ready for next year. Using Salt on your drive is not a good idea, as it can corrode your concrete.

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