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    Concrete engagement rings: Every relationship needs a strong foundation

    The staff of CD designs are a romantic bunch really: we love a decent love story almost as much as we love concrete! But what about a way to combine both?

    Concrete engagement?

    Concrete engagement?

    Picture the scene: you’ve decided that tonight is a good night to pop the big question to your significant other. There is nothing good on TV, you’ve got no visitors coming round, and you did the laundry last night, so there are no distractions to get in the way of your special evening. You clear the stamp collection off your dining room table, and lay the foundations of a candle lit dinner. You cook something special up for the two of you, lay out the food and a couple of glasses of wine, and put suitable mood music on the stereo. A bit of Barry White perhaps … or Justin Bieber, if you’d prefer? Your other half comes home minutes later and sits down happily to enjoy their treat. About half way through the meal, you get down on bended knee and ask that all important question. And what better way to accompany it than with a concrete engagement ring?
    You can get them from 22designstudio: yes, this is a far cry from pattern imprinted concrete driveways, but it is a beautiful and innovative use of the material, which we heartily approve of. The small design studio has seven different designs to choose from, all beautifully finished with a delicately polished inner, and attractive outer shape. The designs range from simple circles to intricate geometric shapes. You can find more information out about these at Etsy.

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