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    Concrete with Memory: USB drives in concrete?

    Concrete with Memory!

    Concrete with Memory!

    If we look past the mundane obvious uses, concrete has been used to mould a very interesting and bizarre range of objects, from table lamps to stereo speakers to coat hangers to bathroom furniture. And we’ve got another fantastic item of concrete design to add to your list of oddities — USB hard disc drives. Yes, designer Shu-Chun Hsiao has been busy in recent times prototyping a special concrete based design that he calls “Memory Weights”. The idea is quite ingenious — different memory capacity drives are to be made so that they will weight different amounts, with 64GB weighing in at 64g, 128GB weighing in at 128g, and so on. As a nice aesthetic touch, the drives will also have their capacity/weight etched along their sides, cut into the actual concrete.

    Well, something along these lines anyway: The design is currently just an idea. However, we don’t think it will be too long until you start to see these items become a reality. After that it is just a matter of time perhaps until we start seeing concrete computers, concrete monitors, concrete pixels? Watch this space folks, for the future is concrete.

    Image via Hardcop

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