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    GigaCrete: An Eco-Friendly Alternative To Concrete

    Concrete is a great building material in so many ways. It is very strong under compression, fireproof, vermin proof, and fairly inexpensive. But it is not without problems. One major bugbear many harbour about concrete is its environmental impact: it involves a lot of gravel excavation and material transit, it is not very recyclable, and its production involves a lot of Carbon Dioxide emissions.

    For those worried about the environmental impact of their concrete, there is a new, eco-friendly alternative available called GigaCrete. This uses a proprietary non-toxic binder instead of Portland cement, consisting of various commonly found elements. The great thing about GigaCrete is that 80% of an average mixture is comprised of fillers, and the fillers used are all recycled materials. These include sludge from paper production; waste fibres from agriculture, waste bottom ash from coal fired power stations, waste paper, and recycled cardboard, plastics and polystyrene.

    Mixing these materials with the GigaCrete binder results in a fireproof material that is much lighter than concrete, and has strength close to, or even exceeding that of concrete in some tests. Production of GigaCrete binder produces less Carbon Dioxide and uses less water than Portland cement. So what are we waiting for? GigaCrete could well replace concrete for a lot of purposes. The main question really will concern whether it works as well with cosmetic processes such as pattern imprinting and polishing. And this remains to be seen.

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