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    Making An Internal Feature Of Your Driveway

    If you are anything like the good people of CD Designs, you are probably very proud of your pattern imprinted concrete driveway, as well as the car parked upon it. Everyone has their own tastes, however, regardless of the exact combination of colour, pattern and finish, we are sure that one thing you’ll agree on is that driveways are primarily an external feature. Yes, garages often have concrete flooring in them, but this part of the equation is usually just for storage rather than show.

    Not necessarily, dear friends. There are a number of eccentric and creative individuals that are so proud of (or perhaps we could say obsessed by) their cars and driveways that they have made them into internal features, to wow all the visitors to their domiciles.

    John Ryder from Sheffield, and his living room garage

    John Ryder from Sheffield, and his living room garage

    Take John Ryder from Sheffield – a man so proud of his yellow Ferrari Spider that he has converted the garage it lives in into a living room, complete with furniture and a television set! We’ve heard of in-car television, but this is something else entirely. Then there’s the Takuya Tsuchida modern, a residence in Tokyo with a revolutionary garage, complete with lift that allows residents to elevate their cars up into the living room to showcase them. There are other examples to be found as well, of various luxury apartments around the world with same floor parking, often with the car visible from the living room.

    So what do we think? How much do you have to be in love with your car to have such a feature in your house?

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