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    Martial Arts Champions Wage War On Concrete

    Don’t try this on your pattern imprinted concrete driveway! Martial arts champions wage war on concrete

    Martial Arts Champions Wage War On Concrete

    Martial Arts Champions Wage War On Concrete

    I think it will be clear to most of you that the concrete suburbs of the North West of England are nothing like an archetypal martial arts setting such as feudal Japan, or ancient China. You are highly unlikely to witness a samurai honour battle in your backyard, have your house invaded by ninja assassins, or stumble across Bruce Lee defeating the bad guys atop your pattern imprinted concrete driveway as you take the dog for a walk in the morning. Shame, as it would be pretty cool if it happened.
    Bringing martial arts forward more into the modern day however, you’ll see that it has a lot to do with concrete these days. Many martial arts championships seem to be decided at least in part by a test to see who can break the most concrete blocks in one go. Take this year’s U.S. Capitol Classics Martial Arts Tournament. The winners — brothers Clinton and Seth Murphy — both showed off their concrete destruction prowess to take the title. Clinton — a 4th degree black belt in the Filipino art of Kun Tao — broke 10 blocks in one go to take first place in the Heavyweight Power Concrete Division, while Seth broke nine blocks using an overhand elbow strike to come up first in the Lightweight Division, which includes black belts under 200 pounds.

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