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    Review of the summer

    This summer has seen us unfold an interesting set of events, oddities and news items: never a dull moment in the world of concrete! Here we’d like to  share with you our favourites, looking at the highlights we’ve reported on in the last few months.

    • The coolest driveway in the world: a new contender? We love concrete driveways, and we love fast cars. What better way to combine the two than by having a concrete driveway that doubles as a racetrack? New Zealand Rally champ Rod Millen has done just that.
    • Concrete Speakers: Can Concrete Be Music To Our Ears? We love the very idea of combining the stark industrial look of concrete with high fidelity audio entertainment.
    • Green Concrete – The Future Five Years Down The Line? We are very passionate about environmentalism at CD Designs, and inspired by the idea of greener concrete.
    • Incredible Concrete Art – The Bohouse Cafe Floors In Dubai. Possibly the coolest pattern imprinted concrete design work you’ll ever see!
    • Win The Winter War, With Your Friendly Neighbourhood Robot Snow Shovel. this gadget brought out the inner Wallace and Gromit in all of us!
    • The SOFT Rocker: Making Some Noise on The Space Age Patio! This futuristic patio chair, developed at MIT, is a must have for the futurist’s patio of tomorrow (would that just be “today”, for the rest of us?).
    • A Set Of Concrete Tunes From The Pet Shop Boys: Take That! Loving the fact that concrete can even inspire an album of popular music.

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