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    Concrete frisbees: an altogether more dangerous beach party?

    Concrete is a great material for many different types of building work, but it isn’t the first thing that springs to mind for creating flying objects with, for example frisbees. You can just imagine the chaos it could cause at a beach party — participants coming away with cuts and bruises, and your faithful pet dog breaking his teeth on the thing!

    But try telling that to the Rome Free Academy — they have just finished a collaborative engineering course (with SUNYIT, Madison-Oneida BOCES and the Rome City School District taking part) which aimed to answer the question — “How far can you throw a concrete frisbee?”

    Engineering, computing and maths students took part in a two week long program consisting of four six-hour classes, in which they had to design and create a concrete frisbee that would be tactile and aesthetically pleasing, as well as flying straight and true for a long distance. In general, the frisbees were created by placing some grass into a wet concrete mixture to form the shape, then inserting a binder into the mould for extra support.

    Each frisbee was first weighed and judges on its looks. The hardest part — the throwing test — came next. Students had three throws to prove how far their frisbees would travel, and they had to land them without breaking them, so accurately landing them somewhere soft was of upmost importance!

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