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    How much ice do you need…before you call in an ice breaker?

    We’ve already talked in previous concrete driveway blogs about methods you can employ to de-ice your pattern imprinted concrete driveway or patio. These are easily manageable for a small residential setting. But think about what it would be like if you had to keep a whole road system de-iced and operational?

    For example, a twenty mile section of the M8 Motorway in Scotland was completely frozen under compacted snow and ice last winter, leaving hundreds of motorists stranded. This kind of problem becomes more commonplace in the UK each year, with increased numbers of cars on the roads, and harsh winters to contend with.

    The two maintenance firms that deal with the majority of Scotland’s roads, Amey and BEAR Scotland, have stockpiled a total of 52,000 tonnes of salt and other de-icing material to ready themselves for this year’s winter. So you know if you leave your pattern imprinted concrete driveway this winter and head out on to the roads of Scotland the agencies should have you covered.

    And it doesn’t stop there — a gargantuan icebreaker machine has been been shipped over from Scandinavia to join the hundreds of snow ploughs, gritters and other vehicles that will wage war on Scotland’s ice problem this winter. We’ll be rooting for them!

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