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    Securing your motorbikes and vehicles in your driveway

    Your pattern imprinted concrete driveway looks great, and it is further complemented by an awesome bike sat atop of it, which looks like a bat out of hell and purrs like a pussycat when you turn on the engine. Or maybe you’re more the mountain bike type? Or is yours a moped, or a scooter? Whatever the case, open vehicles bring with them an added concern — security. If you have a garage to secure them away in, then great, but what do you do otherwise? Even if you put a lock through the wheels, there is nothing to stop someone putting your beloved horse of steel on the back of a truck and driving away.

    There are a number of solutions available, which mainly revolve around embedding a secure tethering point in a floor or wall — if you look at a site such as or you’ll see the wide variety of ground and wall anchors available.

    Most of these screw or bolt into brick or concrete, so a concrete driveway or brick wall is an ideal mount point for such a solution. Just have a think about what suits your particular situation in terms of security and aesthetics. Combine such a solution with a hardwearing lock or chain, and you’ll make life very difficult for any would-be thief.

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