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    A concrete portfolio of Benjamin Hubert

    Benjamin Hubert is a highly talented designer living and working in London – he is noted for his very versatile and graceful use of a number of diverse materials, including concrete. He is another designer whose work highlights the beauty and gentle curves that can be achieved with concrete, going beyond traditional blocky ugly expectations.

    This is echoed in much of his work:

    • His thin walled cast concrete pendant lamps are sure to give a beautiful classy look to any kitchen, living room, or other interior area.
    • His thin walled cast concrete wall lamps add another beautiful option to your interior design choices.
    • His thin walled cast concrete desk light is a masterpiece to behold, with a walnut/oak arm and aluminium details. Brighten up your work environment!

    Benjamin’s team take a high degree of care over craftsmanship and process, and deal with a wide range of clients and products from one offs to mass produced items. Benjamin has received critical acclaim internationally, and a number of awards including:

    • Design of the year (British Design awards 2010)
    • Best Product (100% design/Blueprint awards 2009)
    • Homes and Gardens Young Designer of the Year (Design Classic Awards 2010)
    • EDIDA International Young Designer of the Year 2010

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