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    Aplomb and Falt: hit the lights, concrete style!

    After finishing your latest pattern imprinted concrete masterpiece, a great way to really make your design shine and speak volumes is to find some complementary lighting designs to go along with it. And what better lights to brighten up a pattern imprinted concrete design than … concrete lights?

    For a start, we’d like to introduce you to the beautiful Aplomb range by Foscarini. These gentle, slender shapes are bound to add a delightful, subtle touch to any domestic space, and work well in multiples. They are available in three different finishes — traditional raw concrete grey, a gentle hue of white, and a more intense brown.

    The Falt series by Tim Mackerodt – on the other hand – presents a much harsher, more industrial kind of look, with its rough edges and almost science fiction type feel. These lamps are however no less impressive, their striking look created using an innovative new process that involves special fibre-reinforced concrete. A lot of time is spent rolling it out and manually folding it on flexible moulds. These thin walled structures and surfaces cannot be created using conventional concrete casting methods.

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