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    Concrete storage cubes: stacks of fun

    We have explored numerous applications of concrete in interior design already on our blog, but this is the first time we’ve come across concrete storage units! For those of you who tire of the Ikea school of storage units, Florian Kallus’ wood and concrete creations offer a stylish and creative alternative.

    Dubbed Wahid, these units measure around a foot and a half square. They are made from moulded concrete with a wooden veneer inner layer, providing a delightful contrast between stark industrial function, and warm gentle texture.

    Being square, you can arrange them effectively to make good use of pretty much any space you have available. They are multifunctional, useful for mounting on the wall for elevated storage, or stacking up off ground level. And their size makes them versatile for storing a wide variety of objects of different types, from living room items such as DVDs and records, to kitchen utensils and food items.

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