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    Concrete tiles

    Concrete has many uses beyond pattern imprinted concrete driveways – we are all agreed on that. In our quest to find more and more varied uses of our favourite building material, we have been exploring concrete tiles more and more recently. Concrete can be considered to be an ideal material for making tiles: it is cheap, easy to mould and imprint patterns into, hardwearing, suitable for painting, staining and other decorative treatments, and waterproof-able. In short, there are very few negatives here!

    As a great example, look at the internationally acclaimed Dune tiles – these very unique creations will give a beautiful, unique and striking effect to any interior. And you can get them in a variety of different materials – why not consider combining concrete tiles with gypsum, wood, or others?

    And Daniel Ogassian has a fantastic concrete tile range, available in a wide variety of colours, sizes and shapes, each one individually machine crafted. Check out some of his designs, and just look at the way he uses geometric shapes, interlocking patterns and fantastic textures to create some really breathtaking effects. He also customises them to order, customer by customer, so you you could call on Daniel to give you just the tiles you need!

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