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    Johan Forsberg – Concrete clocks and concrete tables

    Oh for an aesthetically delightful concrete jungle … right in the comfort of your own home!

    Johan Forsberg is a very talented Swedish designer with a lot of experience in making beautiful and exciting designs with concrete! Most notably, his fantastic concrete clocks and tables have turned many heads in the industrial design and interior design worlds. In this article we will look more closely at some of Johan’s work.

    You can see his products at the language is Swedish, but even if you don’t read Swedish, the pictures speak for themselves!

    First of all, his amazing clocks – like Tidvus and Urbild – are quirky, beautiful and entrancing. They would grace any living room or drawing room like a wistful silent guardian, watching over the scene with a stare that tells a great tale. Their clean, minimalist look belies their design perfection.

    Second, his tables tread a fine line between glorious simplicity and utility. Most of them are based on wooden or stainless steel legs and frame, with a concrete top. Some of them are a single piece, and some feature carefully crafted pieces of concrete in different pigments, for a segmented look.

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