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    Settle in, with papercrete furniture?

    On contemplating furniture, you would probably be more likely to conjure up in your mind images of cosy soft fabric sofas or posh corporate office furniture, so what we have here for you may generate a degree of bemusement! Dutch designer Dik Scheepers’ papercrete furniture doesn’t really fit into any category, and doesn’t look particularly cosy. However, if you are looking for something a little different and like rough edges and rustic charm, it could be right up your street!

    Let’s look at them a bit more closely.

    Dik Scheepers has designed many beautiful and interesting bespoke items (see, but on one occasion he was experimenting with Papercrete – a low-cost,  lightweight material often seen as being as an environmentally friendly concrete alternative because it is made largely using re-pulped paper fibre, and cuts down on the amount of cement needed in the mixture.

    This experiment led to the creation of Dik’s UnPølished collection (see – a series of items of furniture including a stool, coffee table, chair, writing desk and more. These items are formed from moulded papercrete atop smooth wooden legs and frames. We think they have a delightful alternative charm, standing on their own against the usual slew of highlight polished and straight lined furniture!

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