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    Stitching a concrete stool?

    We’re no strangers to concrete furniture here at CD Designs, but the seating created by German designer Florian Schmidt is something quite extraordinary. His stools are made of concrete, but quite set apart from the industrial starkness commonplace in such creations – these stools have an organic texture and ebb and flow to them. And in addition to that they are stitched, with bold attractive brightly-coloured thread! How is that even possible? How did he create these masterpieces?

    Looking a bit deeper, we find that these designs were formulated by soaking concrete-impregnated fabric in water, then shaping it into the desired shape and stitching it. This layer is then sandwiched between another fabric layer and a PVC backing, and finally it is all left to dry for around 24 hours. A wooden mould is used to support it during the drying process.

    This produces a strong, sturdy, comfortable seat with a great deal of quirky charm. The stools are resistant to UV and chemicals, fire proof and water resistant.

    Florian has created a number of sizes and variations: if you interested in picking one up, please pop over to his site,, and check them out.

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