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    The cement is mightier than the aggregate? Concrete pens and pencils

    Here’s a couple of great tips for you to take on board, especially if you think your words and sketches carry more weight than anyone else. We’ve seen concrete USB drives already on this blog, but now we will turn our attention to concrete pens and pencils!

    Those talented folks over at 22 Design studio have created a chunky concrete sketch pencil – a solid concrete body housing a nice thick 5.5mm 2B lead, with a nice wide button for feeding more lead out of the end. A real writers block as it were, and great for sketching out your design ideas. At £32 a go, however, you will want to treat with a bit of tenderness.

    On the other side of the equation, Concrete Pen Factory is selling a similar item, but this time it is a pen housed in an attractive striking concrete shell. It can be presented in a plastic test tube like container, or a more traditional pen presentation box, and can be adorned with a logo or name of your choice! This doesn’t come cheap however — see the pricing page.

    So get out there, and unleash your creativity. Next we’ll be on the lookout for the concrete swords!

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