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    Top 5 Concrete Christmas Gifts 2011

    This Christmas, give your significant others special unique gifts that show you really care. That show you know them inside out. That show you always listen. That show you share a deep love and chemistry.

    Give them the gift of concrete.

    “What?” I hear you cry. “I want love, warmth and joy. You’re making my Christmas sound like a holiday in a car park.”

    Fear not! If you’ve been reading our blog for any length of time, you’ll have already seen some of the really interesting and beautiful concrete innovations created by designers the world over. In this article we’ll share a few of the best concrete Christmas gift ideas we could come up with.

    1. Concrete is the perfect material for any usage requiring heat resistance, therefore why not treat one of your loved ones to a stylish concrete tea light holder or candlestick

    2. How about an awesome concrete pencil, for all those heavy words and pictures of wisdom? Read all about them in our concrete pens article.

    3. A concrete light will really help to brighten up your christmas – look at these concrete pendent lights available from Heals.

    4. There is also a beautiful range of concrete jewellery available, from various designers such as 22 design studio and Frances Smersh.

    5. If you are not looking for tactile side of concrete then Duncan Green’s latest collection of photo prints (found at may be for you. Concrete I, Concrete II and Concrete III highlight the durability of concrete and question our perceptions¬†of man made items within nature.

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