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    George and the Dragon

    You may consider that Pattern Imprinted Concrete is only used for the likes of driveways, patios or paths. So if we said to you, “Imagine a pattern imprinted concrete playground”, you may think we were crazy. Well at Complete Driveway Designs the only thing that we are crazy about is being committed to great service and workmanship. And with regard to the pattern imprinted concrete playground, we don’t need to imagine, because we have created one.

    In August 2011, we were asked to undertake one our most exiting projects to date. We were approached by Seddon (G&J Seddon Ltd) to create a dragon style playground at St. George’s Primary School, Barrow-In-Furness.

    The playground is in the shape of a dragon with its body and tail wrapping around the playground, which was the easy part. The path leading to the playground which incorporates the dragon’s footprints was the hard part, especially trying to get the dragon to walk in a straight line.

    All the hard work and effort was more than worth it, and the pupils of the school were overwhelmed with their new playground. Head teacher Mrs Kent said: “It’s a privilege to watch them mesmerized by the view. One pupil said “It’s like something from a holiday brochure”, it adds another dimension.”

    These pictures show the final results: -

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