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    The right concrete mix ratio can solve problems or it can create them. What we rely on in a concrete mix is one that is easy to place, strong enough to meet the needs of the application, durable for the life of the Pattern Imprinted Concrete, and that will look good when we are done with our decorative efforts.

    The design mix is of the upmost importance especially when it comes to Pattern Imprinted Concrete. There must be a happy medium in terms of water and cement ratio and also the types and amount of aggregates used. For us a wetter concrete with smaller aggregates will be easier to place, but with this the concrete upon curing will be less durable. Where as an extremely ‘stiff mix’ with larger aggregates, which may be the most durable concrete in the world would be near impossible to place.

    This video was taken at the time of an excavation which shows how detrimental not having the right design mix can be. The supplier of this concrete evidently didn’t take design mix seriously, the concrete appears putty like and is easily destroyed. In reality, with correct mix, the hammer should bounce off the concrete. To view the video follow the link to our you tube channel below.

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