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    Concrete planters

    Planters put a garden within reach of everyone – even small apartment dwellers! Even if you only have space for a herb planter on a balcony, or a few pots around a little courtyard or pattern imprinted concrete driveway, you can grow plants, herbs and even fruit and vegetables for your five a day!

    Add something extra to your garden with a concrete planter

    Add something extra to your garden with a concrete planter

    Concrete planters are always popular for providing formality and elegance to outdoor gardens and public spaces – you’ll see them around most city parks and gardens. They offer great durability and will last for many years, with minimal care requirements.

    Concrete planters come in big sizes, and a wide range of colours. They are also very difficult to steal, thanks to their weight – especially once filled with soil. This makes them perfect for front gardens and areas with regular passers by, as well as for planting valuable plants and flowers which might tempt the odd cheeky opportunist! Their strength also makes them ideal for families – they’ll resist being attacked by footballs and bikes!

    Concrete pots are also weather proof, as they won’t split or freeze in freezing temperatures or get ruined by the rain – they offer great insulation, and they are also ideal for large trees and shrubs.

    You can find a large range of styles and colours at most garden centres or specialist garden accessory websites – or even get creative and try pouring your own!

    Photo by Jeremy Levine Design

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