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    Contemporary planter designs

    When you’ve spent time and money investing in an attractive pattern imprinted concrete driveway, it makes sense to show it off to its full advantage! Planters are a fantastic way to bring colour and greenery to both your driveway and pattern imprinted concrete patio, and they come in a huge selection of styles, shapes, colours and sizes.

    Many contemporary planters have a ‘green’ theme and are based on vintage styles or reclaimed items. Try looking for quirky reclaimed items such as Belfast sinks, tin baths or wooden wine crates at a reclamation yard or antiques warehouse. With a little creativity and thought, many unused items can be brought back to life.

    Simple wooden planters are also very popular, inspired by the raised beds style which again makes use of railway tracks, reclaimed wooden posts or fresh planks in treated wood.

    Vintage style is also a big trend – look for wrought iron and French-inspired white finishes. ‘Shabby chic’ still reigns in the fashion stakes – mixing homely and quirky touches with motifs and slogans from the 40s and 50s. These are often new items in a vintage style, with pastel finishes and a strong element of fun to them!

    Alternatively, embrace minimalist chic and look at stainless steel planters with smooth edges and simple construction. These look very arresting when paired with bold plants, foliages and exotic blooms for a strong design aesthetic. The choice is yours – so experiment and enjoy creating your own personal garden design!

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