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    Garden design colour schemes that work with your driveway

    When novice gardeners start to plan their new year seeding schemes around the driveway, they often forget to consider the wider area around the flower beds and the impact of surrounding colours.

    Imprinted Concrete Driveway

    Plan your garden colours to compliment your pattern imprinted concrete driveway

    For example, if you already have a pattern imprinted concrete driveway, then you will have chosen a colour scheme and pattern which suits your home and tastes. This will be a factor to consider when choosing your garden plant schemes, so the colours complement each other and ‘hang together’.

    Another factor that’s easily overlooked is your car! If it sits on your driveway, then it’s a large block of colour to incorporate for consideration. Luckily, many cars come in ‘plant complementary’ shades. A silver or grey car is neutral enough to withstand most floral schemes. A bright red car will provide a colour flash amongst a riot of rainbow shades if you like a bold effect!

    If your pattern imprinted concrete driveway and car tend towards redder shades, consider introducing cooler blues, whites and lush green foliage to balance the overall effect. If, however, your car and driveway are largely neutral in tone, then you can afford to go wild with surrounding borders in a wide spectrum of shades. Think about the overall look you want to create – whether homely, chic, family-oriented, or urban minimalist, and plan the overall exterior space accordingly, giving consideration to additional elements such as water features, garden lights and art or sculpture installations.

    Above all, planning your garden design should be fun and not taken too onerously – after all, gardens are made to be renewed every year!

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