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    iPavement – a concrete future?

    At CD Designs, we’re fascinated by new developments in the world of concrete design and application – so we were really interested to read about the new ‘iPavement’ idea from Spanish creatives, Via Inteligente. They’ve created a new ‘smart’ paving stone which has a wi-fi, Bluetooth and computer, actually built into the paving. Why you ask – well the prototype paving has been designed as a response to ugly antennas and urban wireless hotspot requirements, by instead providing easy-access wi-fi service access. The technology is claimed to offer real potential for creating large wireless networks across urban areas.

    These iPavements could be installed in heavy traffic areas, as their composition is as robust as regular concrete block pavings. So much so, that cars can drive over them without affecting functionality.

    Each block is enhanced with a range of apps, providing a ‘multi-service’ user hotspot for those within range.  So for example, a coupons app could provide money saving offers for businesses within range.

    Certainly, the development is intriguing and has great potential. It will probably be some time until we can imagine pattern imprinted concrete driveways with integrated apps and hidden wi-fi, but if this company does manage to successfully develop the system and take it to market, it could catch on with town planners and see our urban spaces changing forever.

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