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    Living in a gun

    One of the most cutting edge designs we’ve seen

    One of the most cutting edge designs we’ve seen

    The world of architectural design is fascinating for anyone involved in the construction industry. Even materials such as concrete, which we see every day, are constantly being evolved into new and surprising finishes, uses and applications. Floor planning is always a key part of architecture and building – whether it’s to install a pattern imprinted driveway or patio in a domestic garden, or to plan a polished concrete floor for a large commercial installation.

    One of the most cutting edge designs we’ve seen yet, is a series of floorplans based on the design and mechanics of a gun! Called ‘Tradition of Excellence,’ the drawings have been created by the artist, Baptiste DeBombourg. Each gun is treated as a solid mass of space, from which rooms and spces are carved. Along the interior of a Famas F1 gun shaft for example, lies a series of dorm rooms. The hand guard curve is represented as a long corridor, leading to a large room space. The magazine of a Kalachnikov AK-47 is represented as a tiered auditorium, and a Colt’s walls are shown as a grand staircase. Perhaps the most fascinating drawing is of the Minigun M134D, which expresses symmetry through sculptural staircases, mirrored rooms and angled walls.

    Critics have compared the designs to the ancient plan drawings of medieval castles, where small spaces were excavated from the thick stone walls of the fortresses. With these new gun inspired designs however, the walls are thin and electic – suggesting a new aesthetic that’s perhaps a vision of the future.

    View Baptiste DeBombourg’s original concepts and designs.

    Image from Baptiste DeBombourg’s website.

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