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    Nuke concrete – does it really exist?

    Most of us are used to seeing concrete used in a variety of ways – from the original council buildings of yesteryear, to the fancy pattern imprinted concrete driveways used outside our homes today – and the future high tech promises of ‘pollution eating’ concrete.

    But Iran has taken high-tech concrete development to new limits with the creation of a new ‘anti-nuke’ concrete. According to the country’s state-run news station, Press TV, Iran has developed a sci-fi sounding ‘ultra’ high performance concrete (UHPC) from quart powder and a mix of ‘special fibres’. Designed to withstand high pressures by offering increased rigidity, the new concrete mix is intended – apparently – for commercial purposes such as dam building, bridges, tunnelling, sewage pipe reinforcement and even pollution control.

    However, the undertone of military applications runs clear, with Press TV pointing to the ‘dual use’ applications of UHPC, such as protection of underground buildings from military bombardment.

    Certainly, Iran has plenty of reason to lay claim to this UHPC development as a deterrent from military interventions. But could the country’s minds have really developed a concrete which offers ‘energy shields’ against attack? And is it really indestructible? The sceptics point to Iran’s history with wild posturing and counterfeit claims – but for now, the jury’s out.

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