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    Spring lawn care guide: Dealing with bare patches; Part 4

    If you’ve been reading our lawn care article series, you’ll have picked up some useful tips to perfect your outdoor space and show off your new pattern imprinted concrete driveway to its full potential. We’ve looked at lawn mowing and edging, grass fertilisation and the removal of weeds and moss. The final step in the four stage process is to sort out any bare patches in evidence on your lawn.

    Spring is the perfect time of year to get both lawn and garden into shape

    Spring Lawn Care Part 4 - Patch up the bareness in your lawn this Spring.

    After a long winter, many lawns show bare areas that spoil the overall look, and also leave the lawn susceptible to weeds and moss. However, there are ways to tackle the problem – such as with a specialist lawn patching product.

    These clever formulations mix up natural coir, grass seed and slow release grass feeds, for rapid growth in targeted areas and thick coverings of robust grass where patches used to exist.

    You can also spot treat bare areas with fresh grass seed, water it and tend as you would any new plant growth. Patience is a valuable asset in creating a beautiful lawn, and this works well for areas damaged by prolonged snow fall or ice.

    Alternatively, cut out the bare patch of lawn, rake the soil over well to aerate it, and then patch up with fresh turf. Some brands offer specialist lawn repair kits, with lawn seed and feed preparations included.

    Other products exist for patches caused by pets – dog urine, for example, is a key cause of lawn patches. However, you can also tackle this problem naturally, by soaking the offending area with water to flush away excess salts.

    Photo by Sean Hobson

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