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    Spring lawn care guide: feeding with a spring and summer lawn fertiliser; Part 2

    With the warmer months rapidly approaching, many of us are thinking ahead to BBQs and lazy afternoons spent sunbathing in the garden. May is a perfect month to get the groundwork in and ensure your garden is looking beautiful. If you’ve invested in a pattern imprinted concrete driveway, a neat and well-tended lawn will show off your garden to its full potential.

    Spring is the perfect time of year to get both lawn and garden into shape

    Spring Lawn Care Part 2 - After you’ve established a regular lawn mowing system, move onto grass feeding and fertilisation.

    After you’ve established a regular lawn mowing system, move onto grass feeding and fertilisation. Lawn fertiliser makes the grass grow thicker and greener, improving its strength, health and overall vigour, so that it’s better able to deal with attacks from moss, weeds and the stresses of harsh weather.

    A fertilised lawn will quickly identify itself, so get the best results by treating your lawn to specialist granular feed over spring and summer. Look for blends which supply regular and balanced amounts of nutrients over a 2-3 week period.

    There are many different lawn fertilisers on the market, each offering their own formulations and benefits. Head to your local garden centre and seek out advice from their experts if you are new to tending a lawn.

    It’s important to apply granular feeds evenly over the entire lawn and follow the application instructions carefully. Built-in spreaders are ideal for this and many lawn feed packs now offer these for ease. If you spend time feeding the lawn in this way, it will stay strong and healthy, and look its best all summer.

    Photo by Sean Hobson

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