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    Spring lawn care guide: Treating weeds and moss; Part 3

    Many of our customers have commented on their new found interest in lawn and garden maintenance after installing their new pattern imprinted concrete driveways. It seems that suddenly weedy garden beds and mossy lawns just won’t do!

    Spring is the perfect time of year to get both lawn and garden into shape

    Spring Lawn Care Part 3 - It's not just the grass that needs cutting, you need to keep the weeds out too.

    Certainly if you’ve spent time picking the perfect pattern imprinted concrete driveway, you’ll find your external space becoming quite a feature. So it makes sense to finish the look with an eye-catching and well-tended lawn.

    Once you’ve established a good mowing routine and fertilised the lawn well, it’s time to tackle the rogue weeds and moss which often attack garden lawns.

    Even the most beautiful garden can be ruined by these uninvited garden guests, and you’ll need to tackle the intruders quickly for best results. For serious moss or weed invasions, look for specialist lawn weed killers which will come in liquid form and give powerful results.

    Once you’ve cleared your lawn from immediate attack, build in a regular protective treatment. There are specialist combined products which control weeds and moss, whilst feeding the lawn and building up its resistance to extreme weather conditions. These products can be used from April onwards and are well worth investing in. As with so much in life, when it comes to moss and weeds, prevention is better than cure!

    Photo by Sean Hobson

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