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    Beware of the Cowboys – Kensington Street Testimonial

    Mr Khan first contacted us in November 2011 wanting a new pattern imprinted concrete driveway and some fencing put up.  We quoted for both, but Mr Khan decided to use us just for the concrete driveway, as he’d received a more competitive quote for the fencing.  When we arrived last month to install the concrete driveway, we could see the fencing was a complete mess.  Apparently the company that had installed it had no proper equipment and had not quoted for the correct materials.  Mr Khan was very unhappy, and could not get back in touch with the company.

    We installed the driveway and then made attempts to rectify the fencing.  The fencing was nowhere near straight, so it had to be completely redone.  While doing this we got to see the full extent of the mess left behind.  In order to fit the posts in the holes, they had been bashed with a hammer instead of being cut with a chainsaw, and the holes themselves had not been concreted.  We did the best we could and left the fencing looking much better.

    Mr Khan was very pleased with the work, and left us the testimonial below.  Click to enlarge.

    Kensington Street Testimonial

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