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    DIY Concrete planters

    Simple yet beautiful home made concrete planters

    Simple yet beautiful home made concrete planters

    People are often surprised by the incredible versatility of concrete. It’s not only vital in construction and building, but also provides an excellent material for craft, design and other varied artistic applications. A great example of this, are home-made concrete planters – which are surprisingly easy to make, and a great project for a warm summer weekend.

    Instead of throwing away your ice-cream tubs or fruit juice containers, gather up some good sized plasticware to make moulds for your own concrete garden planters. Get a bag of concrete from your local DYI store, some sand and some perlite, which will help lighten the concrete once it sets. Use containers of different sizes – one inside the other, then pour the concrete mix in and allow it to set. Release the mould, send your containers to recycling and use a screwdriver to gently work in some base drainage holes.

    These planters will cost a fraction of the price of what you might buy in a garden centre, and you can have fun customising them to suit. Try chiseling in patterns, applying glazes or adding decorative features with adhesive – anything that takes your fancy. Sometimes the best artistic results with concrete are left slightly raw, unfinished and rough around the edges – so avoid the temptation to overly perfect your results. Experimentation will give you a good set of planters to work with and allow you to plant a large array of gorgeous flowers, herbs, fruits or vegetables. With a little artistic flair and creative freedom, your pattern imprinted concrete driveway will be personalised to your taste and absolutely gorgeous to behold. Just don’t be surprised if you’re asked to share your planters’ secrets of origin!

    For the a complete how to guide and to see more images, visit Rad Megans blog.

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