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    Edison’s Concrete Dream

    Way back in 1906, inventor Thomas Edison announced that he was in the process of developing a house that could be built in less than a week, and could be afforded by even the poorest families.  His idea was to build single cast concrete homes poured onsite.  The homes would include bathtubs, kitchen surfaces, staircases and maybe even furniture.  His inspiration came from the fact that he had previously revolutionised the cement making process using equipment he had invented, and was looking for ways to utilise this.

    Edison’s vision never quite caught on.  With the techniques of the time it was difficult to maintain a consistent concrete mixture during construction, and the moulds used to shape the concrete were very expensive.

    Over a hundred years later however, the idea of using concrete in construction has never been more popular.  Modern home builders have lots of options when it comes to concrete.  Many contractors use Insulated Concrete Foaming Systems (ICFs) which serve as moulds for the concrete and remain inplace after pouring for insulation.  ICFs can also be used to pour foundations, often in under a day, and for stable, airtight and fire resistant exterior walls.

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