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    Installation of Your Driveway

    Following on from our blog entry ‘Preparing for a New Driveway’, here is what you should do with your pattern imprinted concrete driveway during installation, and when it is finished.

    After the concrete has been poured and imprinted, it will take somewhere between 24-48 hours to dry. We will close the area off with hazard tape or barriers, but the responsibility for preventing any damage will be yours. We will discuss the best way for you to access your home, if possible using other entrances for family or visitors. You should also make sure pets are not able to get near.

    Come on lads... Its concrete time!

    Concrete arrives

    Once the concrete is dry the release powder will be brushed off, which will cause some dust in the surrounding area. You will want to make sure all doors and windows are closed, and maybe let your neighbours know as well. After this the drive is given a thorough cleaning with a power washer, which will expose the true colour of the pattern imprinted concrete. We will need electricity and water supplies for this so please make sure they we have access to them.


    Concrete sealant application

    To complete the installation we will apply a sealing coat to the concrete. We will then clean the whole site leaving it in the condition we found it (except for your brand new pattern imprinted concrete drive of course).  Do not park your vehicles on the finished driveway for at least 72 hours after the sealing coat has been applied, as the seal needs time to cure.

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