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    Removing Oil Stains From Your Driveway

    An oil stain; the last thing you want on your new (or old) concrete driveway

    An oil stain; the last thing you want on your new (or old) concrete driveway

    Pattern imprinted concrete driveways are ideal to park vehicles on, as they do not sag under heavy weight like brick driveways.  Parking vehicles on any driveway however, inevitably leads to oil stains.  Here are a few tips to remove those stains.

    Firstly you should try washing the drive with soapy water.  However as with clothes, oily stains will not be removed easily with standard washing.  For more stubborn stains the basic is to absorb the oil before removing the absorbing material.  Cat litter or sawdust are two common household materials that are very good at this job.  Sprinkle either of them over the stain and leave it for a couple of days, then simply brush the area.  This should get rid of any top surface stains.  However for deeper stains a different solution is needed.

    Check the weather report first to make sure it is not going to rain.  Sprinkle some dry cement over the affected area, and again leave for a couple of days before brushing the cement off.  This should dry up most oils in the deeper concrete, but make sure not to get the cement wet as it will permanently stick once set.

    Photo by Daniel Villar Onrubia.

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