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    Concrete Sealant Myths Debunked


    The truth about concrete driveway sealant

    Concrete sealants are coatings applied to concrete driveways and patios to protect them from corrosion.  They consist of a solid resin that is dissolved in a liquid or solvent.  There are many different myths when it comes to sealants.  Here we highlight the top 3 and attempt to debunk them.

    Concrete Sealant Myth 1.  Solids content is ALL important.

    No it isn’t – It is the choice of resin, its strength, quality, and most importantly, the performance capabilities of the chosen sealant that matter.  Matching the sealant for a particular purpose is the most important thing to consider.

    Concrete Sealant Myth 2.  Quoted coverage rates show you how good a resin is.

    No it doesn’t – Many manufacturers are somewhat ‘optimistic’ with their coverage rates.  The product will only spread as far as the liquid will go.  Coverage will also vary depending on the porosity of the surface and also the application method.

    Concrete Sealant Myth 3.  Polyurethane is better than Acrylic

    No, they are just different – Each have their advantages and disadvantages and are suited for differing types of project.  Polyurethane is very hard wearing and has excellent chemical resistance.  However it will not re-emulsify, so if there are any problems during installation it cannot be removed or recoated without mechanically abrading the surface or stripping with nitric acid – both are expensive & time consuming.  Acrylics are less hard wearing and chemically resistant, but they will re-emulsify, meaning if a re-coat is needed it can just be applied over the top.  Each coat cross-bonds which means it forms one solid layer no matter how many coats are applied over the years.

    If your unsure about the choice of sealant or how to reseal your concrete driveway, get in touch with us, we’re always happy to help.

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