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    Testing Our Concrete

    Testing the concrete we use in our driveways and patios is very important to us.  It provides peace of mind to both us and our clients that the concrete is fit for purpose.  It also alerts us to any problems with our concrete as soon as possible, avoiding damage to your home and our reputation, and saving both time and money.

    The most common test we perform is the ‘concrete cube compressive strength test’, which is the main compliance test and concrete testing service for all structural concrete.  The requirement for the test is for the concrete to have a strength of 40 Newtons per millimetre squared at 28 days.

    In our recently tested concrete, the minimum strength of the concrete we used was 46N/mm², and the maximum was 49N/mm², so you can see the concrete we use is well beyond the requirements needed.  We continue to test our concrete regularly in order to ensure it is of the highest standard, and so our clients know they are getting the best quality materials.

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