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    Topforce Holds Back The Tide

    Blackpool’s biggest ever civil engineering project has recently been completed, which has seen the nearly 100 year old sea wall replaced with a brand new reinforced concrete structure.  The work included precast concrete, and a material called Topforce, which is a high strength, fibre reinforced concrete.  It is poured in-situ, and removes the need to use steel fabrics, which in turn cuts build time and reduces CO2 emissions.

    Topforce is well suited to the job of protecting Blackpool’s coastline, as it eliminates the risk of corrosion from steel reinforced concrete, and gives better impact and abrasion resistance.  This greater tolerance to impact when compared to other concrete means reduced life-cycle and maintenance costs.  The material is also more environmentally friendly, as it has at least a 70% lower carbon footprint when compared to crack-control steel fabric and steel fibres.

    Aesthetically, the concrete had to maintain a consistent, unique colour along all of the 3.2km defence structure.  Another challenge was to work within the time limits set by the natural ebb and flow of the tide.  The use of Topforce meant that both these conditions were met, and the future of Blackpool’s Golden Mile is now secure.

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