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    Concrete Surfaces

    A Kitchen With Concrete Surfaces

    A Kitchen With Concrete Surfaces

    Traditionally granite or wood has been used for surfaces around the home or workplace, however concrete is becoming more widely used and is a practical and artistic alternative.

    Concrete is an excellent choice for a surface, as it can be custom made to suit a wide variety of uses. It can be molded into a large number of different shapes, can be stained with a wide variety of colours. and can be made to resemble lots of other building materials like the aforementioned wood or granite. It can be polished, patterned or sealed to give any number of desired finishes. The concrete can be pre-cast off site or cast in place, giving lots of flexibility to the building process.

    A finished concrete counter is durable, functional and beautiful, and commands a similar price to granite, meaning adding a concrete counter, tabletop, bar top or whatever else you can think of, will make your home or workplace look classy and affluent. It is ideal for kitchen surfaces due to its high heat resistance and toughness, and can be great for outdoor surfaces as long as it is designed with this purpose in mind.

    Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway Maintenance Advice

    Proper maintenance of your pattern imprinted concrete driveway is essential to how long it will last and how good it will look in the future. Here are some simple dos and don’ts when maintaining your driveway, and some tips for when something goes wrong.

    Don’t put salt on your driveway. This will start to eat away at the seal and eventually the concrete. Wash any salt that may get on your driveway through road gritting off immediately.

    Do wash off dirt and stains as soon as possible. Use soapy water for the simple stuff, and a de-greaser for oil stains. For more persistent stains a wire brush can be used.

    Don’t put and kind of weed-killers or pesticides on your driveway. When using them around your garden, be careful not to let any run off onto your concrete. If any gets on simply wash it off with water as soon as possible.

    Do reseal your driveway when needed. Take a look at our information on when resealing is necessary. Some customers expect their driveways to look as good as new without any maintenance, but with good housekeeping your driveway will look great for many years to come.

    Don’t drag garden furniture or other heavy objects over your driveway. This will scratch the seal, but don’t worry the concrete underneath will still be fine. A reseal will be needed to get rid of the scratches.

    For any maintenance problems don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, and we’ll do our best to help.

    Case Study – Lock Keepers Court

    Pattern Imprinted Concrete Patio

    Pattern Imprinted Concrete Patio

    In May we did a series of installations at Lock Keepers Court in Droylsden. The customers were all members of the same family, and so we gave them a big discount for work on three separate addresses. We have case studies on this website for two of these.

    The first installation was a patio and lawn, for which you can see the case study here. The flags on the patio had started to develop weeds around them, and looked very untidy as a consequence. It was hard work for the customer to maintain the garden, so we gave them three design options, all varying in shape, idea and price range. With these ideas the customer was able to choose an option that suited both their design aspirations and budget. It was advised that platinum silver would be the most effective colour as it would match the window frames, and walkway slate the best pattern so as to match the contemporary feel of the property. The customer also wanted something unique, and so chose to have a compass printed centrally in the patio, which was then carefully stained along with the borders. A section of the garden was then re-turfed completing the new look.

    The second installation was for a patio and decking, for which you can see the case study here. The customer decided that she wanted a predominantly decked area with the incorporation of a shallow step and a 10 metre squared area of pattern imprinted concrete at the foot of the patio. It was advised that Arizona tan would be the most effective colour as it would match the decking area, and a random stone pattern was chosen as part of the project to contrast the straight lines of the decking and to add another dimension to the patio design.

    Maldon Drive – Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway Testimonial

    We recently received a testimonial via email from John and Judith Haworth, whose driveway we installed in April. As you can see they are very pleased with their pattern imprinted concrete driveway, and even took the time to send us some photos.

    “Good afternoon Tim, hope you are keeping busy

    I took a couple of the drive before we put the cars on hopefully I have attached them to this email.

    We just wanted to say that we are extremely pleased with the end result. Your site team were always well mannered and well organised. It was fascinating watching the different stages involved and in the end we were glad that we decided to stay and watch .

    We have had such good comments off  the neighbours that I would not be surprised if we see your vans in our vicinity again soon.


    John & Judith Haworth”


    Top 5 DIY YouTube Videos

    An explanation on how to clean and reseal a block paved driveway.  This will not only improve its appearance but also protect it from weather damage.

    A video offering various tips and tricks in keeping a healthy lawn, looking at mowing, fertiliser and weed control, and aeration.

    This video describes how to kill weeds in your lawn. It illustrates which tools and products you will need use to get the job done.

    A short video that explains how to build an attractive and functional retaining wall for your garden, without using mortar.

    A long and informative video that shows how to build, fit and install a wooden gate for your garden.  It shows how to fix it securely between 2 supporting posts so that it is level, and how to add a return spring to your gate so that it is self-closing.

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