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    Build Yourself A Barbecue – Part 1

    Summer is finally here, and although there hasn’t been much sun to accompany it so far, it is surely just round the corner, so what better than to build a barbecue in anticipation. Here is our DIY guide to building a barbecue.

    Things you will need: – Barbecue grill set, bricks, brick setts, sand, cement, spirit level, shovel, trowel, small length of hosepipe, paving slab (optional).

    The first thing to do is pick an appropriate space for your barbecue.  It needs to be in an open space, so as not to set fire to anything when using it, and it needs to be relatively level.

    Next you want to think about the design.  This will depend on the barbecue set you have, and if you want additional workspace.  Using the cooking tray from the set as a guide, lay out the first level of bricks around the tray into a square n shape, with the opening of the n where you will be standing to cook.  Additionally if you want the extra workspace, you can create a second n connecting to it of the same size, so that the pattern more resembles an m.  Try to keep as many bricks whole as possible to reduce the need to cut the bricks.

    Come back soon to see how to finish off your barbecue…

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