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    Build Yourself A Barbecue – Part 3

    You may or may not want to use the next layer of bricks for your charcoal tray, depending on your height and what feels comfortable for you.  The tray is usually placed between five and eight bricks high.  Wherever you do decide to place it, build up to this height using the same method as before.  For the section the tray will rest on, you want to turn the bricks along the edges side-on to create a ledge for the tray.  Create a flush edge by using a half brick at the outer edge.  After another three or four layers add another layer of side-on bricks to support the grill tray.

    To give a more professional finish on the exterior of the barbecue, take a length of hosepipe and draw it along each of the joints.  Create a neat edge by adding a final course of brick setts around the main barbecue section then, when this is finished, check all the levels again.  Finally cement the paving slab on top of the other section if you have built this.

    There it is, your finished barbecue.  Now all you have to do is invite some friends over and get cooking.

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