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    Cheshire Court – Testimonial

    This project was a blast from the past. Installed in 2010, we were installing a pattern imprinted concrete driveway on the same street in May 2012. We called round to see if our customer was enjoying their pattern imprinted driveway two years on and they were delighted to see us, inviting us to take some pictures of the driveway that they are rightfully proud of. Incidentally the project on the same street was a property we had previously installed a driveway for and had returned to install a patio, proving that customer care pays off.

    The driveway was installed using Dove Grey colour hardener, Charcoal release agent and Ashlar Slate pattern. The driveway was finished by applying an acid stain to the borders to create definition and effectively a frame for the pattern imprinted concrete artwork within.

    We cannot take all the credit for this job looking so well after two years. The customers have looked after their driveway and followed the advice given in our user guide, proving that this product always looks its best when it is looked after.

    You can see the case study for the driveway here

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