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    A Kitchen With Concrete Surfaces

    A Kitchen With Concrete Surfaces

    Traditionally granite or wood has been used for surfaces around the home or workplace, however concrete is becoming more widely used and is a practical and artistic alternative.

    Concrete is an excellent choice for a surface, as it can be custom made to suit a wide variety of uses. It can be molded into a large number of different shapes, can be stained with a wide variety of colours. and can be made to resemble lots of other building materials like the aforementioned wood or granite. It can be polished, patterned or sealed to give any number of desired finishes. The concrete can be pre-cast off site or cast in place, giving lots of flexibility to the building process.

    A finished concrete counter is durable, functional and beautiful, and commands a similar price to granite, meaning adding a concrete counter, tabletop, bar top or whatever else you can think of, will make your home or workplace look classy and affluent. It is ideal for kitchen surfaces due to its high heat resistance and toughness, and can be great for outdoor surfaces as long as it is designed with this purpose in mind.

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