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    Keeping An Environmentally Friendly Garden

    There are many small steps you can take around your home to help save the environment. Here we focus on a few tips for your garden that will reduce your carbon footprint, reduce costs and improve your local area.

    1. Plant native species. They need less watering, are hardier (hence, less products needed to protect them) and they attract the local wildlife.
    2. Plant trees. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and provide shade. They provide homes for wildlife and some trees can provide you with a bountiful harvest.
    3. Make compost. Use the everyday kitchen and garden waste to create natural fertiliser for your garden. There are many books and websites on the subject of compost, but most boil down to using a good mix of ‘green’ materials such as grass cuttings, fruit and vegetable scraps and teabags, along with ‘brown’ material like torn up cardboard and newspaper. It is then important to keep the heap well ventilated by turning it often when it starts to heat up.
    4. Reduce the lawn. Lawns are costly to maintain, the chemicals used on lawns are dangerous to our health and to that of the surrounding wildlife, and lawnmowers emit high levels of pollution. Replace lawns with shrubs, ornamental garden structures, concrete pavement or decking. In addition, you could convert wasted lawn space into a vegetable garden. Consider using drip-irrigation systems or constructing or purchasing a rain barrel for watering purposes.

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